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Many people ask about Playboi Carti Net Worth. Playboi Carti is a very popular name among the younger generation. Playboi Carti’s net worth is $12 million. Now, who is Playboi Carti? Playboi Carti is an American hip hop rap singer who starts his career in 2012. He is also a fashion icon, social media celebrity. He takes place 17th position out of the 200 billboard top chart list. It is the most successful story in his career. If you want to know about his early life or career keep reading.  


Playboi Carti Early life

Playboi Carti very talented singer in the hip hop industry. Playboi Carti was born on September 13 in 1996.his birthplace was  Atlanta in Georgia. He grows up in a very difficult situation. Playboi Carti did not come from a  financially advantaged family. He was fighting against in childhood from till now. He breaks many high profile star records. Playboi Carti Early life was the star in his high school life. He start his early life at North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs. sinigrin was the main dream of his early life.

Playboi Carti career

Playboi Carti career started in his early life. It is very inspired by us how to touch your dream according to his life. When he was a high school student he miss his class and homework and did practice songs. Someday, he was good to sing rap songs. He starts in the H&M group and well know in his group.

Young Misfit is the first mixed song of his career. Young Misfit this song was published in 2012. People like it so much. he published this song as  Sir Cartier. That  Sir Cartier name he used before playboi Carti. He was work with the team of h Da$h and Maxo Kream. Two high profile rapper was published his Broke Boi’ and ‘Fetti’ song platform on songcloud. His famous song eponymous was published in 1917. This song was taken place 12  in 200  billboard songs. 

After that playboi and Lil Uzi Vert published a new mixed song. This time they mixed the song of ‘Magnolia’ and ‘Woke Up Like This’. You cant imagine this song takes place 76th position in the billboard top 200 chart and also includes Billboard Hot 100 respectively song. After published this song, he worked with   A$AP Mob and published another single song name ‘Raf’. it include our top 200 billboard chart. 

playboi carti billboard
playboi carti billboard

Playboi Carti Top 10 song 

It is very hard to find out all the hit songs of Playboi. Here is a list of Playboi Carti Top 10 songs.

  • Location
  • Moving different 
  • Long time
  • We so proud of him
  • No lie
  • Yah mean
  • Beef
  • Ar whip
  • Flate base freestyle
  • Dothatshit!.

playboi carti personal life

playboi carti personal life is very famous. people want to know his age, height and many other things. Here is a shortlist of his personal life.

  • playboi carti Height is 190 cm, which is equal to 6 ft 3 in tall.
  • The birthday is on 13 September 1996.
  • playboi carti Age is now 24 years old
  • playboi carti Weight is now 75 kg or 165 lbs
  • playboi carti Hair’s color is Black.
  • playboi carti Eyes color is Black
  • He is also well known for hits like song  “Broke Boi” and “Fetti”
  • playboi carti album contains 15 tracks.
  • playboi carti has 1.5 million people follow only on Twitter.
  • playboi carti Youtube subscriber is 1.5 million.
  • playboi carti facebook contains 236k likers.
  • playboi carti Instagram has 5 million fans.
  • He has 809k followers on Soundcloud.
  • playboi carti net worth is 12 million dollars.
  • Playboi Carti girlfriend is Iggy azalea.
  • Iggy azalea’s net worth is $6 million.

Playboi Carti achievement 

  • Playboi Carti’s song ‘Woke Up Like This’ is a big success in his career people like this song very much. This song was published in 2017. 
  • Die Lit is anther superhit Album in2017. 
  • R.I.P. is one of the best songs in 2018.
  • Playboi Carti was nominated Best New Hip Hop Artist on 2017
  • Playboi Carti was nominated for Best Mixtape in 2017.

Playboi Carti net Worth

Playboi Carti is very popular in our young generation. He income huge money from his song, social media, and concert. Now Playboi Carti net worth of 2020 is 12 million dollars. You are surprised to know that Playboi Carti net worth of 2019 is $9 million.  If he continues his career in a long time no doubt he would be the future top richest singer in the world. 

Some singer’s net worth is very close to Playboi Carti like asap rocky, Drake, Lil Uzi, and Travis Scott. Travis Scott’s net worth is $40 million. Asap rocky net worth is 6 million dollars but drake’s net worth is $150 million. Drake is one of the top wealthiest singers in the world. You know playboi is a very young rapper or singer, if carti continues his career it is possible to debut Drake’s net worth.


Playboi Carti is a popular singer and fashion icon in the world. He is the most famous for his voice. His rap-singing quality is very unique that is helping to grow up his popularity. Thank you Playboi Carti for your super hits song.

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