Matt Dillon net worth 40 million dollar

Many peple want to know what is Matt Dillon net worth? do you know who is Matt Dillon? Matt Dillion is only one actor who continues to carry his success to three-decade in his career. American actor Matt Dillon was born on 18 February 1964 in New Rochelle, New York. He started his career in 1979 and he was established as a teen superstar. Matt Dillon’s first movie was Over the Edge. This drama film broke a big number of movie records.

After finishing Over the Edge, he started work on another film. Tax, Rumble Fish, The outside, flamingo kid film was very popular and this film makes him a young superstar. He was nominated best performer “there is something about Mary” for this movie. This success did not stop now. This popularity brings a lot of money. Now Matt Dillon net worth 40 million dollar .

Matt Dillon career

Matt Dillion is popular for his deep baritone voice, black and brown hair, and his eyes brows. He was a popular character. People like his arrest performance. Police performance is one of the best performances in Matt Dillon’s career. He was nominated for best actor for his police performance.

Matt Dillon top 10 movie list

Here is top 10 Matt Dillon IMDb movie

Top MovieYearRating
Over the Edge19797.4
Drugstore cowboy19897.3
Nothing But Truth20087.2
The sain of front Washington19937.2
Rumble Fish19837.2
There’s something about Mary19987.1
Beautiful girls19967.1
The outsider19837.1
My bodyguard19807.1

Matt dillion Hight selling movie.

List of Matt Dillion movie which was sold More than 1 million.

  • Tax   ($7,400,000)
  • Target   ($9,690,000)
  • Native Son   ($1,300,000)
  • The Big Town  ($1,730,000)
  • Kansas  ($2,430,000)
  • Drugstore Cowboy ($4,770,000)
  • The Saint of Fort Washington  ($3,260,000)
  • Deuces Wild ($6,280,000)
  • Girl Most Likely ($2,580,000)
  • The House That Jack Built ($1,690,000)

List of Matt Dillion movie which was sale More than 10 million USD

  •  Goin in Style ($84,920,000)
  • Rock Dog ($20,830,000)
  •  One Night at McCool’s ($13,470,000)
  • A Kiss Before Dying  ($15,430,000)
  • Singles  ($18,470,000)
  • My Bodyguard  ($56,800,000)
  • Grace of My Heart ($11,610,000)
  • The Outsiders  ($28,200,000)
  • The Flamingo Kid   ($23,860,000)
  • In & Out($82,230,000)
  • To Die For  ($27,790,000)

List of Matt Dillion movie which was sale More than 100 million USD

  • There’s Something About Mary ($425,460,000)
  •  Crash ($249,130,000)
  • You, Me and Dupree  ($130,430,000)
  • Old Dogs ($120,410,000)
Matt Dillon net worth

Matt Dillion Personal life

He is a good person in real life. Alex Raymond and Jim Raymond is relative with Matt Dillion. Matt Dillion’s grandmother’s sister is Alex Raymond and Jim Raymond. Matt Dillion father and mothers name is Mary Ellen and Paul Dillon. He likes basketball and travel. He works in a Congo for animal health. He also travels south Asia. He loves to travel. He spent the 2005 New Year in Brazil .he has no criminal issue in his film career.

Matt Dillon is unmarried now, but he was in a relationship. Now He has a long time relationship, Matt Dillon dating with Roberta Mastromichele. Matt Dillon friend is Hannah Storm and Owen Wilson. Matt Dillon favorite color is orange and his favorite exercise is running.

Matt Dillon age

Matt Dillon age is now 56 years old. He was born on 18 February 1964. This American Does not believe god. Now he lives in new york. Matt Dillion hight is 1.83 m and weight is 82 kilo. 

He is tall wight and a good-looking man. His feet size is 12 and butt size is 105. His waist size is 100 and he uses 30 size Biceps.

 Matt Dillon net worth

Matt Dillion is one of the famous movie actor in the world. He gives us many blockbuster movies over three decades. His movie breaks a lot of big record movies. He gain huge money by his acting now Matt Dillion net worth is 40 million us dollars. This amount makes him one of the richest actors in the Hollywood industry.

Is Matt Dillon still acting?

His career going up and down. Something his film break all the records,and some time happed its alternative. But he still stays his acting career.

What is Matt Dillon real name?

Matt Dillon real name is Matthew Raymond Dillon.

Matt Dillon wife

Matt Dillon has not any wife. Matt Dillon did not marry any gril, but he dates many big celebrities. He date many high profile female celebrity like Brooke shields, Cameron Diaz, Heather Graham. But now he has a long time relationship with Roberta Mastromichele.


Matt Dillon is not only a name. This name is like a brand. people love his acting skill and enjoy his movie. He achieve many awards and many categories. He achieves the best actor two and three-time. Matt Dillion film nominated in Oscar, so you can realize how famous an actor he is. For this reason, he gains money. Now Matt Dillion has $40 million. That makes him the richest male actor.   

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