Katt Williams Net Worth| Celebrity Net Worth Report 2021

Who does not love laugh But fewer people can do give a small and laugh in anyone’s face. You already know whose name I want to say. I want to talk to a comedian man name Katt Williams. Katt Williams is not only a comedian, he is a singer vocalist, actor, and rapper also. He was acting in many blockbuster films. Now Katt Williams net worth is 5 million dollars.

He is popular for his acting skill and unique style. He becomes popular in 2002 through his comedian show Friday After Next and his character were Money Mike. This character has become famous for his skill. In his career, he plays many important characters. That makes him a huge fan and follower.  


Katt Williams Early life

Katt Williams was born on 2 September 1971. The name of his birthplace is Cincinnati, Ohio, in America. Katt Williams Early Life was started in Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. You don’t know which type of family he lives in. Katt Williams comes from a political family background. He lives in Dayton, Ohio. After that, he goes to Florida for family purposes.  

In Katt Williams student life he was a very good student. In his student life won a science project and he got a full scholarship from The National Science Academy. It is associated with Dayton. But you are surprised when he comes to Florida his father offers him a worker as a street vendor.

Katt Williams career

He starts his comedy career journey in Cincinnati. His hometown is Cincinnati that is beside Evanston. He uses comedy enhance to cube. After that, he moves to San Francisco and starts his career successfully. He did perform in front of the nightclub. And local people like him very much.

In his career, he gives some famous movies. Katt Williams career-best shows Wild ‘n Out. He was playing the character of Norbit in 2007. This show carries him a top label comedian. After that he acting the character of Money Mike. that character makes his position stronger than any comedian. Here is a list of kat Williams best parts of his career.  

  • He starts his career in1991 as a comedian. 
  • In 1999 he was established as a noteworthy comedian.
  • He got awareness in The comedy club, the Hollywood park casino in 1999 
  • Katt Williams first movie was “NYPD Blue”. His acting career after establishing as a comedian. NYPD Blue was an American tv drama  
  • In 2002 he acting debut in the Friday series. He acting debut comedy in this series the name of ‘Friday After Next. It breaks a very high profile actor record. 
  •  2007 he did acting in American Hustle film. That is the turning point of his career. The name of American Hustle film breaks a lot of movie record.this movie was nominated in many award show.
  • After that, he works in the My Wife and Kids as the main comedian.
  • He also works in some supported character in Cats & Dogs, First Sunday Norbit’, Lonely Street, School Dance, Marshals, Internet Dating, and many other characters.
  • Growth Spurt Tour is one of the best movies in his career. Growth Spurt Tour was published in 2013
  • Lames in the Game, Baby Bash is also a big achievement of Katt Williams is a career.
katt williams net worth

Katt Williams Net Worth

Now Katt Williams net worth is 5 million dollars.

Katt Williams top 10 movies list

YearMovie nameImdb rating/10
2002Friday After Next5.8
2006The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 17.7
2008First Sunday4.5
2010The Revenge of Kitty Galore4.3
2007The Perfect Holiday4.5
2008It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin7.3
2007American Hustle7.3

Katt Williams worldwide famous movie.

It is difficult to find which movie is the best worldwide. Here is a shortlist you can understand easily.

Word rankingName movieBox office
12502Friday after next$33.5 million
30343The Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1$7,708,648
44218First Sunday$38.8 million
48903Cat & dog$112.5 million
51076The Perfect Holiday$5.8 million
53491Rebound$17.5 million
53954 It’s Pimpin’ Pimpin$7,708,648
54263American Hustle$251.2 million

Katt Willimas personal life

Katt Williams personal life he does not like to share with other people. He is a very simple and honest man but he has some difficult issues. He was arrested by police three times. He has an ex-wife and he was date some big and high profile start. He has tow child, the name of his daughter is Leanne Williams and son name is Micah Williams. Leanne Williams and Micah Williams mother name are Quadirah Locus. Qadir Locus Give birth to Micah Williams in 1995.

Katt Williams wife

Many people want to know who is Katt Williams wife. Unfortunately, Katt Williams has not wif now. He has an ex-wife her name is Quadirah Locus. He is like a playboy who had a romance with Jhoni Blaze he also dates with Arica Kane. Eboni gray wants to be her wife.

katt williams kids

Katt Williams have 8 children But we found 2 kids information

  • Leanne Williams (Daughter)
  • Micah Williams (son)

Katt Williams stand up

Katt Williams stand up plays his on stage stand up comedy show. It was one of the most popular comedy shows in American history. There is an auto-performing system. This system makes this show unique. There were happened many films promoting the show. American Hustle and many other episodes are also done in his show.

Katt Willimas Legal Issues and Incidents

Katt Willimas Legal Issues and Incidents is not a simple issue, he was arrested for any issues. His personal life was not simple. Police find a gun in his briefcase.police confirmed that it is gun stolen. He falls into three-year probation for this occurrence. This gun occurrence was happed in 2006. In 2011 he again he arrested for the tractor driver. In 2012 he was arrested for illegal deadly weapon issues. So does not simply spend his time. But people love him for his comedy. people love him for his acting skill.


He is the most successful comedian in American history. He got so many awards. Katt Williams all-time favorite movie is Friday After Next, it was published in 2002. The next successful movie is Norbit. Norbit helps to increase his popularity. This movie was published in 2007. The final one is the School Dance. School Dance was published in 2014.he got Primetime Emmy Award for best comedy series and he also nominated for en Choice Awards. 

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