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Do many people ask what is Dave Asprey net worth? But fewer people can know who is Dave Asprey. Have you ever hear the name bulletproof diet? He is one of the principal founders of Bulletproofdiet organizes. Dave Asprey is a famous entrepreneur and writer now. Dave Asprey’s net worth is $30 million. He has given essential tips to people.

 Suppose you are very sensitive to your health or are interested in reading about the healthy lifestyle pattern. In that case, you must read the lifestyle guru—this book by a prominent writer named Dave Asprey. If you want to know about dave, then you are in the right place.

Dave Asprey Early life

Dave Asprey is a famous writer who was born on October 30 in 1973. His birthplace was Albuquerque near New Mexico. He is an outstanding student in childhood. He completed his undergraduate in California. He was a computer lover. That’s why he earns an undergraduate degree in Computer science and engineering. Now you must know the computer is the future of our nation. 

Dave Asprey career

Dave Asprey’s career is trendy nowadays. he is one of the respective people in everyone. His valuable world very helpful for our health and mentality. Now here is the list of his essential career part.  

  1. Dave completed his graduation from the University of California In 1994.
  2. His degree subject is computer science.
  3. Dave is a chairman of the board in the popular institute name Silicon Valley Health Institute since 2002.
  4. Dave likes business. That’s why he again complete an MBA at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton department of School of Business.
  5. After graduation, Dave worked in the IT industry. That company included famous company 3Com and Bradshaw company.
  6. After that, he started the director of product management at NetScaler.
  7. He has a platform to discuss health and other tips.
  8. Now he provides how to live from covid-19.
  9. He shares with us how to improve our mental health.
  10. His blog post also helps us.
dave asprey bulletproof

Dave Asprey bulletproof

Dave Asprey Bulletproof is a very famous name. In 2013, he created Bulletproof 360. Nowbulletproof is a big company. Dave maintains a 32-acre farm on Vancouver Island and many other coasts. After that, he establishes Bulletproof Nutrition I 2014.tat was the most successful part of his company. That time people know him for this.

 After that, he gives focus on a coffeeshop. Now he has a significant number of coffee shops. This sop is very popular among American people. People go to that shop on holiday and another day. he started his 1st coffee shop in 2015.

After he includes some items into his shop, he develops this shop. Another thing he has a significant amount of followers have in his blog. He was also famous for the bulletproof blog.

Dave Asprey book

Dave is also a writer. He writes so many books. Here is a lot of his book. Dave Asprey’s book always sells high copy. His first book sold more than 500000 copies. He gives us also the recipe. His second book name Bulletproof: The Cookbook. That book contains 127 recipes. What Leaders, Mavericks, and Innovators Do to Win at Life book is the game-changing part of his life. Here is a life of Dave Asprey’s book.

  • The Better Baby Book, this book was published in 2013. That is the first book he was written. When he and his wife were also involved in writing this book. Dave Asprey’s wife is Lana Asprey.
  • The Bulletproof Diet. The Bulletproof Diet was published in 2014.
  • Bulletproof: The Cookbook. This book contains more than 127 recipes. A good number of sale books it is.
  • Headstrong. Headstrong is a 2017 book. 
  • What Leaders, Mavericks, and Innovators Do to Win at Life. It was published in 2018.
  • Another popular book names The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward. It was published in 2019. 
  • Maybe Even Live was published in 2019.it also famous as that book.

Dave Asprey wife

dave Asprey’s wife’s name is Lana Asprey. Lana Asprey is a great physician. Now, this couple lives in Canada. Many people want to know what is dave Asprey’s wife age .dave Asprey’s wife is a middle-aged woman.  

Dave Asprey wife

Dave Asprey’s podcast is a fascinating fact. It uses a big celebrity. The podcast is digital audio. You can use it on your smartphone. It easy to download. You can kitten it any time, anywhere. That is super rock. Dave Asprey’s podcast is very famous. It is popular around the world. This podcast was downloaded more than 81 million times. It was increasing day by day. His podcast center names bulletproof radio. The full week he comes podcast. Full day in his podcast, he gives 1 hour for his audience. 

Dave Asprey Instagram 

Dave Asprey is also a social media influencer. He has a good number of followers on social media. Dave Asprey Instagram name is dave. Asprey

That is a Verified account. He has more than 400000 followers on Instagram. He was also active in his LinkedIn account. Dave Asprey’s Linkedin account name is Dave Asprey.

Dave Asprey’s personal life

Dave Asprey’s personal life is famous in his audience. Here is some information about Dave Asprey 

  • Dave Asprey’s age is now 42. October 30, 1973.
  • Dave Asprey 6 feet 4 inches. 
  • Dave Asprey’s net worth $30 million.
  • He is very famous for Dave Asprey Bulletproof Coffee and the Dave Asprey Bulletproof diet.
  • Dave Asprey podcast name Bulletproof radio. 
  • His wife’s name is Lana Asprey.

Dave Asprey net worth

Dave Asprey is also a businessman. Now dave Asprey’s net worth $30 million. Most of the many he makes his book, his company and dave Asprey blog and his shop also given the right amount of money. 


 Dave Asprey is a good and honest man. People know him as an advisor of health and another subject such as the meant problem, make energy, and strong immunity. He gives us suggestions on how to fight covid-19. His podcast is very popular with the audience. We love him very much. 

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