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Many people ask what is Tyler Fernengel net worth? Do you know who is Tyler? Tyler Fernengel is a legendary rider who give us so many stand. People love him so much. He was highlight in front of people when he does bike stands in the BMX game. He became famous for that show. Now he lives in Detroit near Michigan. Sometimes people also see him in southern California. He has a big fan following. He got his first sponsor when he was 14. He was switch over to BMX around age 12, now he is 20. If you want to know about Tyler Fernengel then you are right place. So read continue. 


Tyler fernengel biography 

Tyler Fernengel was born on 3 April 1997. Tyler is a famous bike rider. You can surprise to know that he got his first dirt bike. When he was 3 years old. At that time His father was addressing with amateur Supercross races. He participated every year until he was 10 years old. At a very small age, he is very crazy about Bike riding.

Tyler Fernengel career

Tyler Fernengel career started at 12 age how he was a BMX participant. He was start ride at a very small age. Firstly he did little jumps at motocross tracks. From 12 to 14 age he star motocross but he felt he didn’t complete which he do before. after that, he removed motocross from his life. After that, he hardly focus and start to do skatepark every day.  Now Tyler Fernengel net worth is around $800000.

tyler fernengel bike check

Tyler Fernengel Interviews

Tyler is a rising star. Journalist always curious when the star interviews Tyler. Someone ask him about his shoe. His answer was Crockett Pro is the shoe he ride. Bit he wear Era shoes when he was child. Tyler love visiting place. His best trip was Malaysia. He goes there with the Haro BMX team. That is the best part of his life. He also includes his best friend and Tyler do a lot of enjoy. sunglasses, extra pair of shoes, a Neck pillow, Boardshorts, and headphones are essential for his tour of the trip.  

Tyler Fernengel net worth

Tyler Fernengel Bike check 

Tyler is a biker of the BMX and Redbull team. You must want to know how his bike is. Here is a shortlist of his bike. 

  • Tyler always used Haro Sacred frame.
  • His Bars is Demolition Paradise (9.5″)
  • His stem is Demolition Paradise Top Load
  • Rear Tire is Demolition Rig 2.4”
  • Front Wheel is Slider guards
  • His bike chain is Half Link
  • His Sprocket is Demolition Mugatu, 25-T and splined
  • His bike’s Pedals name is Demolition Trooper, plastic
  • His Cranks Demolition Rig 175mm.
  • Demolition Paradise Tripod is his seat name 
  • Demolition Tripod is Seatpost
  • Integrated is clamp
  • Haro is Headset.
  • Barends name is Demolition X Markit Aluminum

What is Tyler Fernengel Bike set up

Tyler Fernengel rides the Haro Lineage frame. He also uses Demolition parts.

5 favorite song Tyler Fernengel playlist

  • Stone Free. Singer name is Jimi Hendrix  
  • Fire. singer name Jimi Hendrix 
  • Suffragette City. Singer name David Bowie 
  • Dull Boy. Singer name The Growlers 
  • Surfin’ USA. The band name is The Beach Boys 

Tyler Fernengel height

Tyler Fernengel height is 6.3″.

Tyler Fernengel age

Tyler Fernengel age is now 24

Tyler Fernengel’s favorite vas rider? 

Tyler Fernengel’s favorite vas rider is hucker! My big brother!

Tyler Fernengel BMX

BMX is the most effective part of his life. He leave his family when he was 18 years old. He starts to live in San Diego near California. There he gets close to practice. Now he is top of the part of BMX circles. He achieves a lot of titles by his consistent hard work. 

Tyler Fernenge net worth 

You know Tyler Fernenge is already a celebrity. He is one of the main influencers of BMX. His riding style is popular in all over the world. Tyler Fernenge also works the Redbull team. He perfectly finishes so many tracks and he gets congratulations from Redbull authority. So you can imagine how much he has. There is no specific information about his net worth. But we can imagine he has more than $800000 to 1 million.Now Tyler and his girlfriend enjoy their life. 

Tyler fernengel instagram

Many people ask what’s name Tyler Fernengel Instagram. Tyler Fernengel Instagram name is tylerfernengel . He have more than 150k follower, 3k post.

Short intro Tyler Fernengel

Tyler is one of the most popular BMX bikers in the world. He is also an influencer of BMX and the Redbull team. 

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