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Do many people want to know what is Sara Bareilles net worth? Do you know who Sara Bareilles is? Sara Bareilles is a famous singer who gives us thousands of hit songs and albums. Now Sara Bareilles’s net worth is $16 million. King of Anything, Bottle It Up like hits piece she was given us over decades. She did some movie acting. But singing profusion she like most. She ranked the top 100 greatest women in music, and her position was 80th out of 100. 

Sara Bareilles is not only a singer. She is a singer, recording artist, and songwriter. Her famous song Little Voice, this song was sold over a million copies. She nominated two categories’ Grammy Award for this song. She also knows as a songwriter. Her written song was also nominated for many big award show.   


Sara Bareilles early life

Sara Bareilles’s early life started in Eureka, USA. Sara Bareilles was born in Eureka, California, on December 7 in 1979. She has 3 Siblings Half-Sister, Melody, Stacey, And Jennifer. Her father’s name is Paul Bareilles, and her mother’s name is Bonnie Halvorsen.

She was very interested in music at a minimum age. She starts to sing when she was a high school student. After that, she joins a local musical production theatre and her school production name ‘Little Shop of Horrors. There she learns a lot of things about music. 

In 1998 she completed her high school graduation. After that, she admits to the University of California, Los Angeles’ (UCLA), the communication subject. She was added to the Awaken a Cappella group. They work with gravity. In 2004 they won Best of College a Cappella. She has completed her university graduated in 2002.  

Sara Bareilles career

Sara Bareilles wants to be a big musical. That focus, she was given a minimum age. After graduating, he decides music is the best part for her—that time, she takes some essential steps. Here we highlight important information in Sara Bareilles’s career.

  • After his study, she gives her primary focus to her music career. 
  • She works to sing in a local bar, cafe, and event. She achieves tremendous experience in this part. 
  • Sara Bareilles also performed many events like open-mic nights; after that, she gets the opportunity to perform in festivals.
  • Careful Confessions is the first independent album of Sara. She sang this album in 2004. 
  • Careful Confessions this album is the main turn-in point of his career. She gave hugely response to this album.
  •  Her first album catches attention ‘Epic Records. They dealt with Sara in 2005.
  • Rocco DeLuca and the Burden is the first song composed by Sara with Epic Records.
  • Sara Bareilles’s first UK tour was in 2004.
  • In 2005 and 2006, she wrote and composed his song, which was appeared in the 2006 independent film name Loving Annabelle.
  •  In 2005 she joined the opening act for Aqualung and Mika.
  •  She launched her second studio in 2007.
  • After that, she published the Little Voice album in 2007. this song was one of the highest rate songs in 2007. She gains a huge fan with this song. 
  •   The immense success in her song Little Voice allowed her to tour Europe.
  • In 2008 October, she releases Sara Bareilles DVD and CD.
  • In 2009 she did a second headlining tour name the Gravity Tour. This tour is mainly promoting her album.
  • In 2010 she made the video for An Ode to Jersey Shore song. And published her official website. 
  • After that, she releases the Kaleidoscope Heart album. That album had her soul song name King of Anything. This song most popular song in his career.
  • After promoting this song, this song was the most sold music in those years.
  • For this song, she gave tours to many countries in Asia and Australia in 2011.
  • After that, she releases the Once Upon Another Time song.
  • She released her first single album name The Blessed Unrest.
  • In 2015 his song name Waitress was the most turn-in point of his career based on a 2015 film. 
  • In 2016 he achieved the first significant award, name Tony Award. She was the nomination for Best Original Score.
  •  She performed Joni Mitchell’s song name ‘Both Sides’in 2017. She also works on a Netflix show. That show for a preschool child,
  •  In 2009 she announced she was a part of the West End production and ‘Adelphi Theatre’ in 2020 in January.
  • Sara Bareilles 2020 now Sara Bareilles’s net worth is $16 million.

Sara bareilles top 10 songs

  • She uses to be mine was released in 2015.
  • Sara Bareilles – love song was released in 2007
  • Sara Bareilles – brave was released in 2013
  • King of anything was released in 2010
  • Ganna get over you was released in 2011
  • Summer is over was released in 2012
  • Hold my heart was released in 2010
  • Gravity was released in 2009
  • un charted was released in 2011.
  • Come home was released in 2009.
sara bareilles age

Sara Bareilles billboard 

Sara’s many song take position in Billbord top chart. here is a list of that song

Date Song name billboard position
15 march 2008.Love Song1
2 November 2013Brave3
2 October 2010King Of Anything4
18 June 2011Uncharted13
13 Sep 2008Bottle It Up15
7 June 2014I Choose You14
9 December 2015She Used To Be Mine26
26 November 2011Gonna Get Over You27
25 May 2009Fire31

Sara Bareilles album 

  • Careful Confessions
  • Little Voice
  • Kaleidoscope Heart
  • The Blessed Unrest
  • What’sWhat’s Inside: Songs from Waitress
  • Amidst the Chaos
  • More Love: Songs from Little Voice Season One
  • The First One
  • The Summer Sessions
  • Between the Lines: Sara Bareilles Live at the Fillmore (live album)
  • iTunes Live from SoHo(live album)
  • Brave Enough: Live at the Variety Playhouse (live album)

Sara bareilles personal life

People want to know about Sara Bareilles’s personal life like Sara Bareilles’sBareilles’s song. But doesn’t like to appear in his lifestyle with other people. Here is the list of his some info which people doesn’t know.

  • Her real name is Sara Beth Bareilles
  • Sara Bareilles Age is now 41 years old. (born 7 December 1979)
  • Sara Bareilles height 1.65 m
  • She is 57 kg.
  • Sara Bareilles married in 2015.
  • Sara Bareilles’sBareilles’s husband’s name is Joe Tippett.
  • American singer-songwriter and actress
  • Sara Bareilles’sBareilles’s net worth is $16 million.

Sara Bareilles husband

Many people want to know is Sara in a relationship. That question answer is Sara Bareilles married. Her husband’s name is Joe Tippett. Joe Tippett is a famous actor. They become married after a 3-year relationship. Joe Tippett gives us many of the hit films. Now Sara Bareilles, husband, and Sara live in Venice, California.

Sara Bareilles highest sale album

  • In 2007 her famous album name sara bareilles little voice ($1 million sixty thousand)
  • N 2010 Kaleidoscope Heart album $441,000.
  • In 2013 The Blessed Unrest album sold $500,000

Sara Bareilles house 

Sara Bareilles’s house is in Venice, California. She lives with her husband. The value of Sara Bareilles house is $1,050,000 approximately.

Sara Bareilles net worth 

Sara Bareilles is a famous singer. Her song listens to by a million people around the world. Now Sara Bareilles’s net worth is $16 million. And Sara Bareilles’s husband, Joe Tippett, net worth is $500,000.  


We always love Sara Bareilles song. Her voice quality is very well and loud. She gives us hit song over a decade. Now Sara Bareilles net worth is $16 million. we want she gives us more hit song.

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