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Many people asked what is Merle Whitehead net worth? Do you know who is Merle Whitehead? Merle whitehead is a famous businessman who built the American 9th big real estate company. Now merle whitehead net worth is more than 125 million. Heis a perfect example of the success of a hard-working person. He was chairman of RealtyUSA Broker Services and make this a billion value company. People call him a great leader. If you want to know about his life, company history now you are in the right place. Just keep reading.  


Merle Whitehead career

He belongs to a good family. He lives in near of  NY area of Western which is associated with Newyork city. His starting part is very difficult.Merle was start his life as a cloth sellman .Mainly his income generate from selling commission . That is very hard to do. But his most focus was in a business.  

One day he realized that he would gain more money if he sell a expensive product. In that time he was known about the real estate business. In a early age he start this business.He brought a home and sell it near a real estate company. His frist buyer company was Lorigo Real Estate company .After that he run his own firm.

He get huge success with in a very short time. People know about his firm day by day and achieve new opportunity . He get proposal from many big company like pete,Ron,H.potter ect. He was join with a popular company name H. potter. This company get unbelievable revenue  after join with  Merle firm. After this success in 1985 he get 50% ownership and get manager position of that company. He was operating 11 office and 400 plus sales associates.

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Merle Whitehead Howard Hanna

One Day new York news cover Merle Whitehead’s company RealtyUSA Broker Services was sold for $3.56 billion. This company was buy a famous company name Pennsylvania giant Howard Hanna company. Howard Hanna company’s main focus was make the biggest real estate company in USA.

Merle told that he just make a relation between two family . It is increase more opportunity more more value. They also said that now this company value more than 16 billion US dollar. RealtyUSA Broker increase his office day by day. They cover 65 offices in only Western.They also cover very big state like Central and Northern New York etc. This success make Hanna largest real estate company in the USA.

This company increase his number of office day by day. This achievement carries this company in an international place. They run 206  office in New York,Virginia ,west Virginia and maryland .  

 Merle Warren Buffett 

 Merle was met with Buffett owner. After that own make sure a real estate company want to add an automobile company. Buffett had 56 automobile manufacturers.They made deals and collaborated to reach their company. They become successfully growing a real estate company.In 2018 to 2019 Merle Whitehead company includes the most benefited company’s list

merle whitehead net worth

Merle Whitehead longtime relationship 

He is  one of the most experience business personal in the world. He do more than 45 year creative business experience. He work so many company. But you must remember where he was start from. He did married when he was 18 years old. It was before his frist home sell time. He work 2 or 3 side at a time. After he work with his firm.  Whitehead’s attorney work more than  40 years. Whitehead’s CPA has worked more than 35 years. Around 20 years he work with Whitehead’s Assistant, Colleen. 

Merle Whitehead net worth

You already know Merle Whitehead work many company. His business career he never came back. He sell 28 percent market share with buffet and make combined Hanna and his company RealtyUSA for 3.2 billion.This money normally gose company accounts .There is no specific information about Merle Whitehead net worth but we realize that Merle Whitehead net worth is more than $125 million. 

Short info about Merle Whitehead

You already know Merle Whitehead is very famous for his business style. He is very popular with his real estate company. He is chairman of RealtyUSA company. He adds this company name Hanna and make it the USA’s largest real estate company. He sold the RealtyUSA company for 3.2 billion. There is not available any specific information about  Merle Whitehead net worth but we realize that Merle Whitehead net worth is more than $125 million.

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