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Do many people ask what is Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz net worth? do you know who is Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz? Juan Ramon Gomez is one of the most famous businessmen in the entire world. He is a founder of Telemicro. Telemicro company runs several tv channels also including kids. They were started their journey in 1986 for one of the big reasons was Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz. If you want to know about him then you are in the right place.

Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz career 

Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz is a successful businessman not only tv channel. He has succeeded to run a radio channel. Ramón Gómez Díaz would complete the acquisition of Telecentre channel 13 and from that moment on that television plant becomes part of the Telemicro Media Group.

The information was released by journalist Zoila de León in the program Segu la Noche, by Pamela Sued, at a time when she was offering her show segment with the host Evelina García, who called the owner of Medios Telemicro “Papá Ramón”.

This is the first time that this information has been released publicly by a journalist with the credibility of León, who has worked for important media outlets, including Noticias SIN. The journalist called viewers to visit her portal

With the integration of Telecentre, Gómez Díaz becomes the main radio and television magnate in the Dominican Republic, since it also owns Telemicro, Digital 15, Telemicro Internacional, Telemicro HD, Independencia FM, Primera FM, Mortal FM, La Kalle, stations that operate on different frequencies throughout the country.

The businessman also owns Áster, a cable television company that he acquired in the middle of the bidding process for the media that belonged to Banister. However, it acquired it from another company that had won the tender.

According to reports, with the entry of Gómez Díaz to the administration of Telecentre, the programming that the channel has carried up to this moment will be completely revised. The only program that is certain is El Escándalo del 13, produced and hosted by Joel López and Anabel Alberto, the latter co-host on Extraordinary Saturday on Telemicro and Telemicro Internacional.

According to the information, the news broadcasts will be renewed and could be integrated into a single team, although it will be strengthened with state-of-the-art personnel and technology. In his life he did this lot of things. That why Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz net worth is more than $20 million 

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juan ramón gómez díaz age

juan ramón gómez díaz age is not available. But we guess he is no2w more than 60 years old. 

Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz net worth

juan ramón gómez díaz biography

He works Telemicro group very long time and makes this company is one of the highest valuable tv channels in the world.

Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz net worth

Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz’s net worth is not available now. But we can guess Juan Ramon Gomez Diaz net worth is more than $20 million. 

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