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Do many people ask what is Johnnie Cochran net worth? but they didn’t know what he did. Johnnie Cochran is a retired lawyer. He is one of the legendary lawyers in the USA government. Johnnie Cochran’s net worth is $8 million. His most famous case was Showtime in 2002. he died in 2005. That was a significant loss for the USA government. If you want to know about him, then you are in the right place.  

Johnnie Cochran early life

Johnnie Cochran was born in Shreveport on Louisiana. His birthdate was 1937. Cochran’s father’s name is Johnnie Cochran Sr. he was alive from 1916 to 2018. Cochran’s father was an insurance salesman, and his mother was a sold Avon products into the markets. Johnnie Cochran’s early life started in Los Angeles High School. He was beginning to go to school in 1955. He is a very brilliant student in the class. Cochran has completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Los Angeles in 1959.

johnnie cochran net worth
johnnie cochran net worth

Johnnie Cochran career

Johnnie Cochran’s career started in 1963 when he was passing the bar exam in California. After passing the exam, he gets the deputy city attorney’s position, which was included in the criminal division. Two years later, he starts private practice in Los angle. His first notable case, African-American widow. Police shoot a black husband. He comes to the front in this case. Over the decade, he won more than than $45 million. He takes $15 million in fees. He is the legendary lawyer that was leading cause he wins a lot of cases.  

Johnnie Cochran most Popular appearance 

He fights many famous cases. But he many times appear in the audience.

  1. Most of the time, people watch him on was 2002, after retired  
  2. In 1998 on Arli$$.
  3. In 1999 Fairy Tales for Every Child. 
  4. In 2000 on JAG.

Johnnie Cochran personal life

Many people want to know Johnnie Cochran’s personal life. He is very famous for his personal life. He participates in many tv shows. He mainly appears in the audience when he was Handel manacle Jackson dead case. People know him properly. He handles all thing very skillfully. Here is a list of his personal information. 

  • He was born in 1937
  • Johnnie Cochran’s age is 67.
  • Johnnie Cochran house was Los angle. 
  • He passes from the University of California, Los Angeles (BA)
  • Complete lawyers Loyola Law School (JD)
  • Johnnie Cochran personal life Wife Barbara Berry Cochran(1st) and Sylvia Dale (2nd)
  • Johnnie Cochran stays with Barbara Berry Cochran​(m. 1960⁠–⁠1977)​
  • He stays with Sylvia Dale ​(m. 1985⁠–⁠2005)
  • He has three kids. 
  •  Johnnie Cochran’s net worth is $8 million.
  • He died on March 29 in 2005.

Johnnie Cochran to 15 IMDb tv show

We watched him much time on the tv show. His tv show one of the highest rate tv, according to IMDb. Here is a Johnnie Cochran to 15 IMDb tv show.

1975Saturday Night Live8.1
(1992–2005)American Justice8.1
(2008– )Dateline on ID7.5
2000–2004Soul Food7.4
2000–2002Journeys in Black6.9
1997–2000The Chris Rock Show6.8
1989–1998Family Matters6.6
1996E! True Hollywood Story6.6
1995–2000Happily Ever After Fairy and Tales for Every Child6.2
1982–1993Ebony/Jet Showcase
1994–2005Howard Stern 

Johnnie Cochran movie 

  • Pete Rose on Trial IMDb 6.9 2003
  • CHiPs ’99 IMDb 5.5 (1998 TV Movie)
  • Jim Brown: All American IMDb 5.5 (2002 TV Movie)  
  • The Trial of O.J. Simpson IMDb 3.8 (1995 TV Movie)

Johnnie Cochran net worth

Johnnie Cochran is a popular lawyer. He was given service over two decades. He handles the Jackson death case. He gives us many films and tv shows. Johnnie Cochran’s net worth $8 million. His related Robert Shapiro. Robert Shapiro’s net worth is $100 million. o.j. Simpson is an American famous football player. o.j. Simpson’s net worth is $3 million. There is a memorable phase IMDbused between Johnnie Cochran and o.j. Simpson that is If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit. 

Johnnie Cochran children

Many times people want to about Johnnie Cochran’s children. But there are not many sources of Johnnie Cochran’s children. Johnnie Cochran has three children. He has two daughters and one son.

  • Tiffany Cochran
  •  Melodie Cochran
  • Jonathan Cochran

Here, Tiffany Cochran, Melodie Cochran is daughter, only Jonathan Cochran is a son of Johnnie Cochran.

Johnnie Cochran house 

Johnnie Cochran lives in Los angle. He lives here younger age. He also works there. 

johnnie cochran house

Johnnie Cochran best cases

  • The famous person O.J. Simpson murder trial. that is the most famous case in his career.
  •  Legendary singer Michael Jackson death, 
  • The 2 Pac.
  • Most skill full case Snoop Dogg made his whole career.
  •  Sean Combs’s case is also the most achieving case in his career.
  • Other 


Johnnie Cochran is the most successful lawyer in USA government history. Johnnie Cochran’s death date was March 29 in 2005. But he always stays in our hearts.

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