Charlie Puth Net Worth| Celebrity Net Worth 2021.

If anyone asks about who is the most popular American pop singer you might say Charlie Puth. Charlie Puth is an American popular singer and Charlie Puth Net Worth is approximately 10 to 11.2 million dollars. This young start is the most popular singer in the world. His most popular song ‘see you again’ is our all-time favorite song. He has a big fan following on his social media platform.


Charlie puth Early life   

Charlie puth born in Rumson, New Jersey. His birthday was December 2 on1991. Charlie puth Early life was started in New Jersey. Charles Puth is the father and Debra Puth is the mother of charlie puth. His mother is a music teacher and a commercial writer. His mother works with HBO and his father is a builder and also a real estate agent. Mikaela Puth and Stephen Puth is the sibling of Charlie put.

He started his school life at Holy Cross School. He graduated from Rumson-Fair Haven Regional High School. After that, he focuses on his music career. He starts to learn how to play the piano. He was infected by a dog bite when he was 2 years old.

Charlie puth career

Charlie Puth’s career is very smooth. He starts to learn about music after high school graduation. He was admitted into Manhattan School of Music Pre-College. His major subject was music production and engineering. In 2013 he completed his graduation above music. He was very attractive to jazz players or jazz music but he moved from jazz music to pop music only for his mother’s choice. He started his career in pop music. Here is some turn n point of his career.

  • He created a tv channel named charlie vlogs. He uploaded some comedy videos and some cover music.  
  • His first cover song These Are My Sexy Shades was published on his tv channel on Apr 01 in 2010.
  • He published the song ‘the otto tunes’ in the same year on 2 December in 2010.
  • He participated in an online video competition in 2011. American TV personality Perez Hilton was sponsored in this competition.
  • After that, he published the ‘Ego’ song. Ego was in October 2013. It helps to increase his fan on youtube. 
  •  In 2015 he add with Atlantic Records. That was the most tur in point of his career. He takes place us billboard the position of 21. 
  • ‘Marvin Gaye’ was Charlie first song with Atlantic Records.
  • After that, he published the album of Nine Track Mind on January 29, 2016. That was the most negative review album till now. But this album keeps him the number of 6 positions out of 200 billboard topper chart. 

Charlie puth top 10 song

Charlie’s most of the worldwide popular. It is very difficult to find which one is the most popular song. Here is the list you can understand which one is the most popular song of charlie puth. 

  • We don’t talk anymore
  • Attention 
  • See you again
  • How long
  • One call away 
  • Done for me
  • LA girl 
  • I warned myself
  • The way I am
  • Boy 

charlie puth top 10 views

  • See you again (4.7 billion View)
  • We don’t talk anymore(2.5 billion View)
  • Attention(1.1 billion View)
  • One call away (703 million View)
  • Marvin Gaye (642 million View)
  • How long (582 million View)
  • Dangerously (115 million View)
  • Done for me (95 million View)
  • The way I am (52 million View)
  • Girlfriend (10 million View)

Charlie puth personal life

Charlie puth is a famous singer people want to know about Charlie puth personal life. He is a very kind and honest person in the person life  

  •  Charlie puth real name is Charles Otto puth jr. 
  • His sun sign is Sagittarius. 
  • Now his residence in LA. 
  • Charlie puth height is 5’9″ that is equal (175 c).
  • Charlie puth’s Weight is 74 kg. 
  • His hair colour is dark brown. 
  • Sexual orientation straight.
  • charlie puth age is now 29 years old. 
  • He is s songwriter, song producer, and a famous singer.
  • HiInstagramam follow is more than 12 million. 
  • His youtube subscriber is more than 14 million.
  • His facebook follower is 6 million. 

Charlie puth voicenotes

charlie puth voicenotes is an album. This album was published in 2018. All song of this album is amazing. This album has 13 songs. In this album charlie puth – attention song takes place number 5 in the billboard top 100 and charlie puth – how long song takes 31 number place in billboard top chart. Here is the song in this album 

  • The Way I Am
  • Attention
  • LA Girls
  • How Long
  • Done For Me feat. Kehlani
  • Patient
  • If You Leave Me Now feat. Boyz II Men
  • Boy
  • Slow It Down
  • Change feat. James Taylor
  • Somebody Told Me
  • Empty Cups
  • Through It All

Charlie puth tv and movies

He was working on some film music. Some music brings a great audience score and a huge response. 

  • Songland (89%) 2019 IMDb 7.8
  • Undateable (88%) 2016 IMDb 7.3
  • Life in Pieces (84%)2017 IMDb 8.0
  • The Voice (63%)2016-2019 IMDb 6.5
  • The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (58%) 2015,2017-2019 IMDb 8.4
  • Fast & Furious 7 (83%)2015 IMDb is 7.1 
Charlie Puth Net Worth

charlie puth net worth

charlie puth is a famous songwriter, singer, and music producer. he loves to play the piano. He gives us a lot of hit songs. Now charlie puth net worth is approximately 10 to 11.2 million dollars.  


Charlie puth is a very famous singer. He smoothly moves his career to a high level. He famous for his unique style and his creativity. Charlie puth net worth is approximately 10 to 11.2 million dollars. 

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