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Do many people asked what is Charlie Day Net Worth? Do you know who is Charlie. Have you ever watch the ‘Going the Distance’ movie? If you watch this movie, you must know Charlie Day. Charlie Day is a famous English actor. Charlie Day net worth is $35 million. He is one of the top rich actors in the Hollywood industry. He gives us many historical films. Going the Distance is one of them. He works so many think like a producer, screenwriter, actor, director, and musician. He gets big success in all of this subject. if you want to know about him here is the right place to know him


Charlie Day’s early life

Charlie Day was born in 1976,9th February. His birthplace is the city of the Bronx in New York. His father’s name is  Dr. Thomas Charles Day, and his mother’s name is Mary (Née Peckham). Charlie Day father is an Italian professor and Charlie Day’s mother is Irish. He comes from a musical background family. His mother knows how to play the piano, and his father is a professor of music history. 

Charlie Day’s early life starts in Middletown, Rhode Island. he learns how to play the violin when he was three years old. After that, he learned to play the piano, trombone, and guitar. In 1998 Charlie Days complete his graduation from Merrimack College. It is an associate in North Andover, Massachusetts. he loves to play basketball.

Charlie Day salary

Charlie Day career

People are very excited about Charlie Day career. He gives us many blockbuster films like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A Quiet Little Marriage, Horrible Bosses. He gets high positive reviews for this film.Hi9s career is an inspiration for young people. Here is a list of Turin points of his career.

  • His first popular tv show is ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. This tv show pushes his career and carries him top list actor in the Hollywood industry.
  • Horrible Bosses is the next film. He gets the opportunity to work on this film because his good acting skill appears in t’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia tv show.
  • After that, he is acting in A Quiet Little Marriage and Going the Distance film. This film break many films recode.
  •  Charlie is good at music. He produces many hit songs.
  •   He is also known as a screenwriter. His favorite place for a screenwriter is on the aircraft and his iPhone. It’s hilarious.
  • He appears in Law & Order tv show. That was published in 2001 and created by Dick Wolf.
  • He also appeared in the ‘Third Watch’ crime tv series in 2005. It was created by John Wells and Edward Allen Bernero together. This series has six seasons.
  • He works in the ‘Not Without My Mustache’ episode of the ‘Reno 911’ tv series.
  • He gets a lot of success in tv series. After tv series, he was focus on film.
  • ‘Love Thy Neighbo is the first successful movie in his career. This film was published in 2005. people love it so much.
  • A Quiet Little Marriage is the second successful movie in this career. This film published in 2008
  •  In 2010 he appeared in a romantic comedy show name Going the Distance. This show proved that he play any character in film or tv series.
  • In 2011 he back set of his older series Horrible Bosses.
  • He worked in a science fiction movie name Pacific Rim in 2013. It was the first scene of fiction movies in his career.
  • In 2015 he started ‘Horrible Bosses 2 after the successful end of ‘Horrible Bosses.
  • He gave his voice in the video game name Lego Dimensions in 2015.
  • IN 2017 he played Andy and ‘Fist Fight movie. This movie takes a high rate from the audience.
  • charlie day net worth is $35 million

 Charlie Day Top 10 Popular Movie or Tv show

 Charlie Day movie break so many recode and earn highest rate in imdb.

yearMovie or series IMDb rating 
2005–It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia8.8
1990–2010Law & Order7.7
1975–Saturday Night Live8.1
2003–Reno 911!7.9
2005–American Dad!7.3
2015Vacation (I) 6.1
2020–Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet7.6
2013Pacific Rim6.9
2013Monsters University7.3
2011Horrible Bosses6.9

 Charlie Day top 15 Movie

yearMovie name Directed by:
2011Horrible BosseSeth Gordon
2014Horrible Bosses 2Sean Anders
2017Fist FightRichie Keen
2013Pacific RimGuillermo del Toro
2014The Lego MoviePhil Lord, Christopher Miller
2010Going the DistanceNanette Burstein
2002Love Thy NeighborNick Gregory
2002Bad CompanyJoel Schumacher
2019The Lego Movie 2: The Second PartMike Mitchell
2001Campfire StoriesBob Cea, Jeff Mazzola, Andrzej Krakowski
2016The HollarsJohn Krasinski
2001Late SummerDavid Rittenhouse
2002A Quiet Little MarriageMo Perkins
2015VacationJonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley
2000Mary and RhodaBarnet Kellman
Charlie Day house

charlie day Personal life

charlie day is a professional American actor, talented screenwriter, producer, and famous director in the Hollywood industry. He was also renowned for his music career. You might know he works so many things. People want to charlie day’s personal life. In 2006 he married Elizabeth Ellis. Russell Wallace Day is the only son of charlie day. Here is a shortlist of charlie day personal life. You can easily find about him.

  • The real name of charlie day is Charles Peckham Day
  • He born on 9 February 1976 in new york 
  • charlie day height is 1.7 m
  • charlie day Weight is 65 kg
  • He is a straight person
  • charlie day married
  • charlie day wife is Mary Elizabeth Ellis. They become married in 2006.
  • Russell Wallace Day is charlie day kid
  • charlie day net worth is $35 million.

Charlie day award and achievement 

Charlie Day is a very famous actor in the Hollywood industry. People love him so much. He gave us lots of movies. Some of them are now world-famous. The Lego Movie is one of them. He was nominated for this movie in the BTVA Feature Film Voice Acting Award. He also get the 2014 BTVA Feature Film Voice Acting Award. Here is a list of charlie day awards and achievements.

  • IN 2014 he was nominated for BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Award. In that time he achieve that award.
  • In 2015 he was nominated for The logo movies. 
  • In 2014 he was also nominated for the 2013 movie name Monsters University. People like this movie till now.
  • In 2011 he was nominated for Best Actor in a Comedy Series name It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia series was nominated for the Critics’ Choice TV Award. This 2005 tv series was nominated in the 2019 IGN Award.
  • 2015 he work in Horrible Bosses 2 movie and this movie was nominated for the Best WTF Moment in MTV award. 
  • In 2016 his comedy TV series name It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was nominated for OFTA Television Award.
  • In comedy was also nominated for “Best Actor in a Series, Comedy or Musical” in 2011.
  • In 2017 He was nominated for Fist Fight movie in Teen Choice Award

Charlie day Real Estate

In 2004 Mary Elizabeth Ellis bought a house which was associated near Los angle. That house price was $660,000. After Mary Elizabeth Ellis and charlie days marry, They live in that house. That was a very big house. This house is associated with 1,467 square feet of land. This house had 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. In 2013 or 2014 this house’s asking price is $799,000.

Charlie days wife purchase a $6.525 million property. This house associated now Los Feliz. This house hard 5 bedroom. This house is associated in 5,600-square-foot and in front of this house has beautiful views.

Charlie day Highlight 

  1. In 2014 he published Horrible Bosses 2. This movie changed his life and. This is the most successful movie in his life. 
  2. In 2015 move name Vacation. This movie is made famous worldwide. This movie help to nominated a famous award.
  3. In 2017 movie name Fist Fight. That is also a blockbuster movie in his career.

charlie day salary

charlie day is one of the highest-paid actors who work in tv shows. He make More than $30 million from his tv show and acting. Its value increases day by day. Now charlie day’s salary more than $4.08 million per year. charlie day salary per month $340,277.78. Now charlie day net worth is $35 million. 

charlie day salary per episode

 You already know charlie day is one of the highest tv actors in the world. ‘It’s Always Sunny’ per episode $200,000.Now it 2 million per episode and $550,000 per half hour. Charlie day start at 10k dollar per day. Now it increases day by day. charlie day net worth is $35 million

Mary Elizabeth Ellis net worth

Charlie Day wife net worth

Charlie day wife name Mary Elizabeth Ellis. She is a famous Actress. She work many blockbuster movie name The Last Time You Had Fun, Masterminds, The Truth About Lies etc. Mary Elizabeth Ellis also works in TV serial. She is a very talented actress in the Hollywood industry. People like her acting so much. 

Now Mary Elizabeth Ellis net worth is more than $30 million. And charlie day net worth is $35 million. Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Charlie day married on 4 March 2006. Mary Elizabeth Ellis and charlie is the very happy couple. People love their lifestyle and outfit. Now, they live in the same house.

Charlie day net worth 

Charlie day is a famous actor in the Hollywood industry. He is also a successful musician. He has a high reputation in the audience. He gains a significant amount of money from his work. Now charlie day net worth is $35 million. Charlie day wife, Mary Elizabeth Ellis. Mary Elizabeth Ellis’s net worth is $30 million.

Another screenwriter, actor like rob McElhinney, Kaitlin Olson. Glenn Howerton is similar famous to Charlie’s day. Glenn Howerton’s net worth is $25 million. Rob McElhinney’s net worth is $50 million. Kaitlin Olson’s net worth is $50 million. If you analyze all of them, you can understand Charlie’s day position is not so bad in net worth purpose. 

Charlie day short intro

Charlie day is one of the greatest actors in the Hollywood industry. He nominates so many of award  Critics’ Choice Television Awards 2011, Satellite Awards 2011, and MTV Movie & TV Awards 2015 as the most binding nomination in his career. Now Charlie day net worth is $35 million. You are surprised to know that his Charlie day salary is increasing day by day. Undoubtedly, if Charlie day salary is continued to grow like this, he would be the top height net worth actor in the Hollywood industry.  

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