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Did you hear the ‘You Make Me Feel Like’ song? If you are a song lover, you must listen to this song and sometimes sing this song. Do you know who is the artist of this song?. The name of this singer is Carole King. Carole King is a famous singer, songwriter, and Actor. You might know Carole King Net Worth is now $80 million. She is also known for his printing style. 

Carole King Early life

Carole King is an American singer. She was born in a very Jewish family on February 9 in 1942. Her birthplace is  Carol Joan Klein. It was near to Manhattan New York City. Carole King’s father’s name is  Sidney Klein, and her mother’s name is Eugenia Gingold. Sidney Klein does firefighter work for life when  Eugenia Gingold is a teacher. Carole King Early life started in Brooklyn.

Carole King’s family was moved to Brookly after Carole King had birth. She was very excited to learn music at a younger age. Here is a shortlist of Carole King Early life.

  • She starts to learn how to play the piano at a very early age.
  • She completes her pian lesson at that time she was 10.
  • She as writes a song in teenage. 
  • She was brilliantstarsachievesThe grace; there recorded and talented student in her school life.
  • Shestarsr her school life at James Madison High School.
  • The name of her brand was Co-Sines. But she changes it to her name Carole King.

Carole King career

Carole King’s career was very famous in the young generation. She likes to help other singers and musicians. She is a living legend in Hollywood and the music industry. She gives us many hit songs. Here is a list of Carole King’s turn-in points in Carole King’s career.

  • Carole King began her career in 1960 by songwriting. 
  • At that time, Pleasant Valley Sunday, You Make Me Feel Like and Goin’ Back, was the most popular song in 1960 in which she was written.
  • In the mid-60s, she stars a relationship with Gerry Goffin. They become successful together. Unfortunately, they separated each other in 1968.
  • After the breakup, Carole King was told her heartbreaking story by her song heartbreak.
  • She moved to Los Angeles in 1968. She starts to collaborate with other young writers.
  • Carole King starts performing on stage as a solo singer in 1970. People surprise to see her singing skills.
  • Carole King has a big record in her career by solo song. She has released popular 25 solo albums in her career.
  • Carole King also achieve a Grammy award for her solo album.
  • More than 400 songs were written she was in her career. 
  • More than 1000  artists were singing her song.
  • Grace of my Heart was a semi-biographical film; there she told her story. It helped to make famous her life. 
  • Carole King’s first solo album name Writerb was not so much popular to the audience.
  • But her second album name Tapestry was one of the most popular albums in his career.
  • Tapestry album was published in 1971. This album took the number 15 in billboard. This album staying on the ‘Billboard top charts for six years. This record breaks only Michael Jackson’s album Thriller. This album was published in 1982.
  • Carole King another album name It’s Too Late, ‘Will You Love Me Tomorrow?’ Was also break many big records. This is the best part of her career.
  • After that, she published album name Wrap Around Joy album, Rhymes and Reasons album, Fantasy album, and Thoroughbred alum. All of this album was super hit.
  • Carole King was helping her Ex-husband to grow up in his career.
  • Famous comedian singer name  Celine Dion recorded her famous song name The Reason.
  • In 2004 she record a live album named The Living Room Tour.
  • She also published an album in 2007 and 2010. All of this album get the highest rate on the billboard top chart.

Carole King top 5 movie

  • Troubadours (2011)
  • A-League of Their Own (1992)
  • You’ve Got Mail(1998)
  • The Care Bears Movie (1985)
  • Russkies(1987)

Carole King top 5 title movie 

Here is list of top rate imdb movie

1998You’ve Got Mail6.7
1985The Care Bears Movie5.7
1977Bionic Boy5.4

Carole King top 10 song

  • It’s Too Late. It’s Too Late was published in 1971
  • Up On the Roof. Up On the Roof was published in 1962
  • You’ve Got a Friend. You’ve Got a Friend was published in 1971.
  • I Feel the Earth Move.This incredible song was published in 1971
  • The Loco-Motion.The Loco-Motion was published in 1962.
  • Will You Love Me Tomorrow. This famous song was published in 1960.
  • Jazzman. Jazzman was published in 1974.
  • Pleasant Valley Sunday. Pleasant Valley Sunday was published in 1967.
  • So Far Away. So Far Away was published in 1971.
  • You Make Me Feel Like. the Natural Woman was published in 1967.

Carole King  top 10 album 

  • Tapestry (1971)
  • Fantasy (1973)
  • Music (1971)
  • Wrap Around Joy (1974)
  • Thoroughbred (1976)
  • Writer (1970)
  •  Really Rosie (1975)
  • Rhymes And Reasons (1972)
  • Love Makes The World (2001)
  • Rhymes And Reasons (1972)
carole king age

Carole King Personal life

Carole King’s personal life was very interesting. She is a hilarious person. She likes to help others. He was married to Gerry Goffin in 1959 but in 1968 they spared. People like this couple very much. Here is information about Carole King Personal life.

  • Carole King’s real name Carol Joan Klein.
  • Her birthdate was on 9 February 1942.
  • Carole King’s height is 1.62 m.
  • Carole King’s weight is 54 kg.
  • Divorced with Gerry Goffin
  • She is a single person.
  • Carole King’s net worth is $80 million.

Carole king spouse

Carole King was a single person. She also had a husband many times. Here is the name of Carole king’s spouse.

  • Rick Sorenson (1982–1989)
  • Rick Evers (1977–1978)
  • Charles Larkey (1970–1976)
  • Gerry Goffin (1959–1969)

Carole King kids

People want to know how many kids King’s have. Carole King has 4 kids. Here is a list of Carole King kids.

  • Louise Goffin(born March 23, 1960)
  • Levi Larkey( April 23, 1974)
  • Sherry Goffin(March 3, 1962)
  • Molly Larkey(1971)

Carole king awards

She won many famous awards and achievements for her great work. She a significant amount of money from her work. Now Carole King’s net worth is $80 million.n Here is a list that indicates best Carole king awards.

  • Best Musical Theater Album (2015
  • Lifetime Achievement Award(2013)
  • Trustees Awards(2003)
  • Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female(1972)
  • Song of the Year(1972)
  • Album of the Year(1972)
  • Record of the Year(1972)

Carole king net worth 

Carole King is a famous songwriter, singer. She also works in many movies. You can already understand her bank balance. Now Carole king net worth $80 million. Another renowned singer, name James Taylor. James Taylor’s net worth is $70 million. Maybe you have a question about Gerry Goffin. How much Gerry Goffin has?. Well, Gerry Goffin’s net worth is $50 million.


Carole King is a very famous singer, actor, and songwriter. People can she is living legend. Carole king net worth $80 million. She gives many romantic songs. We want to sign to provide more music. We love Carole King very much.  

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