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Do many people ask what is Bob weir net worth? do you know who is Bob weir? Bob weir is an American famous Singer, Songwriter, and Guitarist. He also involves in Film Score Composer and Actor. You already can understand his net worth must immense amount. Yes, your think is right. Bob weir net worth is now $60 million. He works in this industry for over three decades. He is one of the oldest people in this industry. If you want to know about him and his know-how, can he make this significant amount of money? Now you are in the right place. Here we discuss about him.


bob weir early life

Was born on October 16 in 1947. His birthplace was in San Francisco near California. he returned to an engineering family, and strong dyslexia gave him trouble at school. After that, he shipped off to boarding school, where he meets a famous songwriter name, John Perry Barlow. Unfortunately, he kicks out of this school. He comes again Bay Area and contracts some musician like Jerry Garcia. After that, he gives focus to built his band and also focus on new songs.

Bob weir career

Bob weir career is very famous now. He is the principal founder of the Grateful Dead. The Dead, another founding member name Jerry Garcia published it on the first of 1963. Weir is a great man. He came bank his teenage friend to Palo Alto, California. That time they heard banjo music. after that, they plan to create a band. The Dead is the first band of his career. He gives us some super hit movies and famous tv show. His concert is very much a favourite among the American people.  

bob weir record

  • In 1967, The Grateful Dead’s total album sold approximately $750,000
  • In 1969 published album name Aoxomoxoa. Aoxomoxoa total sold $750,000
  • Another album name Live/Dead 1969 was gain $750,000.
  • American Beauty is a 1970 album. that album gain $1,500,000
  • Workingman’s Dead is 1970 album. The 1.5 million dollars by this album.
  • In 1979 this band published American Beauty album, Which sold 100 thousand copies in the U.K .this album gain $150,000.
  • Grateful Dead album gain $750,000 in 1972
  • In 1972 he published Europe ’72 album. This album gain $2,500,000.
  • Terrapin Station was one of the most popular albums in 1977. this album gains more that $750,000.
  •  In 1997 this band gained $750,000 in his blockbuster album name Shakedown Street.
  • In 1987 he gan $120,000 on his album the Dark. this album 80 thousand copies sold in Canada in 1987
  • In the Dark is also a great album in Bob’s career. He gains $2,500,000 in 1987 by this album. 
  • Dylan & the Dead was gain $750,000, this blockbuster album published in 1989.
  • In 1990 bob’s weir album achieve $750,000.
  • bob weir net worth 2020 is $60 million.

bob weir top 10 song

  1. Only a River.Only a River. Only a river was released in 2016. This song includes an album of Blue Mountain
  2. Looks Like Rain. This song is included his bloclbuster album name Ace. It was released: 1972.
  3. Bob Weir Cassidy. Bob Weir Cassidy’s song was released in 1972. This song includes an album by Ace.
  4. Bob Weir – Weather Report Suite. Bob Weir – Weather Report Suite was published in the wake of the Flood album. Music is Grateful Dead. 
  5. Lost Sailor. Lost Sailor was released in 1980. This song is included in now an album of Go to Heaven.
  6. Black-Throated Wind. Black-Throated Wind song artist is Grateful Dead. This song was included in the album Steals Your Face. This song was published in 1976.
  7. They were throwing Stones. Throwing Stones song’s artist is Grateful Dead. This song includes the album In the Dark. It was released in 1987.
  8. Bombs Away. Bombs Away are a 2010 song.
  9. Estimated Prophet. Estimated Prophet is included in the album of Terrapin Station. This song was released in 1977.
  10. My Brother Esau. My Brother Esau song was released in 2003
  11. Music Never. The Music Never Stopped was released in 1975.
  12. Greatest Story Ever. Most extraordinary Story Ever Told is included in the album of Ace. This song was released in 1972.
  13. Me and My Uncle albu.I and My Uncle albu were published Grateful Dead in 1971.
  14. Two Djinn. Two Djinn is included in the album Evening Moods I,t was released in 2000.
  15. Picasso Moon. Picasso Moon is included in the album of Built to Last. It was released in 1989.
  16. The Other One
  17. Corrina. Corrina was published in 1994
  18. Monkey And The Engineer. Monkey And The Engineer was released in 1981
  19. Bob Weir – Gainesville.
  20. Man Smart Woman Smarter song band name is Grateful Dead.
bob weir daughter

Bob weir top 5 audience score movie

  • The Grateful Dead Movie(97%)
  • Shelter me (91%)
  • Long Strange Trip(91%)
  • The Afterlife of Robert Johnson

Bob weir top 5 title movie

  • The Grateful Dead Movie(ch: Himself)
  • Long Strange Trip(ch: Himself)
  • The Afterlife of Robert Johnson(ch: Himself)
  • Shelter me (ch: Himself)

Bob weir top 5 audience score tv show

  • The Late Show With Stephen Colbert 2016 
  • CBS This Morning: Saturday 2016
  • Long Strange Trip 2017
  • Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen 2016

Bob weir top 7 IMDb movie

 bob highest rate IMDb movie is .

  • San Francisco Rock: A Night at the Family Dog imdb rating is 7.6
  •  The Boys of 2nd Street Park (2003 TV Movie) imdb rating is 7.2
  • Peyote to LSD: A Psychedelic Odyssey (2008 TV imdb rating is 7.2
  • Into the Homeland (1987 TV Movie)6.4
  • The Hippie Temptation (1967 TV Movie)5.9
  • A Call to Action (2008 TV Movie)
  •  Save the Headwater’s Forests (1997 TV Movie)

bob weir daughter

Sometimes we can see people are interested in the know to bob weir daughter. Bob weir has two beautiful daughters. Monet Weir and Chloe Kaelia Weir are the daughters of bob weir. Monet weir’s age is 22, and Kaelia Weir’s age is must want to hear who is bob weir’s wife. Bob weir wife’s name is Natascha Münter. Bob and bob weir was married in 1999.

grateful dead net worth
grateful dead net worth

bob weir personal life

  • bob weir is the founder of the Grateful Dead band
  • Bob weir age is now 73. 
  • He was born on October 16 in 1947.
  • His eyes colour is Grey.
  • Bob weir weight is 77 kilo.
  • He is a White man.
  • He is a Christian
  • bob weir height is 185 cm
  • Sometimes e smoke.
  • Bob’s weir house is now in California. He lives with his wife and beautiful child in San Francisco near California.
  • His Hairstyle is fringe.
  • He has no Tattoo
  • bob weir net worth is $60 million

bob weir car

Bob uses an expensive vehicle. Many people do not effort this type of car. 

  • GS 450h – manufactured by Lexus. This car prize is now $60k.
  • Corvette Stingray – manufactured by Chevrolet. Now this car price is $60k.

bob weir net worth

Bob is us, a famous singer, a renowned guitarist and tv actor. He works a lot of sides in this bob weir net worth 2020 is $60 million. Phil Lesh’s net worth is $50 million. His other friend name jerry Garciabill Kretzmann. Jerry Garcia’s net worth is $15 million, and bill Kretzmann’s net worth is $50 million. Mickey Hart is also a famous musician. Mickey hart’s net worth is $50 million.

bob weir short intro

Bob is a famous singer. His career started in 1963. He gives us thousand of hit song—Bob weir net worth is 66 million dollars. We ant he give us more hit song. 

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