Alice Cooper Net Worth

If you ask me to suggest an older singer in Hollywood I would like to the name of Alice Cooper. He finish 50 years in his career. But still he is popular in the music industry. He gives lots of songs in his career. The name of Alice Cooper Top song is School’s Out. It was published on 15 July 1972. That takes position world count 3 number song that year. He is a songwriter, a musician, Rock singer. alice cooper net worth is $50 Million. His real-life is so fantastic. Sometimes he works in a movie in his acting his focus in a film.


Alice cooper Early Life

This legend was born in Detroit, Michigan time 4 February 1947. Alice Copper real name is  Vincent Damon Furnier. This American singer involves his family religion. He come from a Church of Jesus Christ family . his grandfather also comes the same Church of Jesus Christ religion. He involves the Church of Jesus Christ as a young boy . after that Alice copper father sent him hight school in Phoenix, Arizona.

Alice cooper Early Career

Alice cooper starts his high school life in Phoenix, Arizona. There he has some opportunity to show talent. He has a music talent. He become prepare to improve his skill. He gets some friends to start with him. Alice cooper friend and him create a nock band. They are first song is The Beatles

In those groups, Alice Cooper meets Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway. In the future, Glen Buxton and Dennis Dunaway become his future member in the Alice Cooper band. They try to perfectly play the instrument. After that, they perform in state and people love his performance. Alice Cooper wins this event That is the first performance, Alice Cooper. After that performance start Alice Cooper Early career.

They complete his graduation in 1966. After they are graduation they start perfectly his career. His friend Michael Bruce joins in his band as a guitarist. After all set-up, they start singing. His first song is Don’t Blow Your Mind that was break record. The first time come to appear people and gain love in the audience

Name Change Alice cooper

Vincent Damon Furnier was the past name, Alice Cooper. Anyone can’t know Alice copper before 1968 .aAl people fan know him Vincent Damon Furnier. When he started his career at that time he crazy about dark. He feels dark is the emotion of his song .then he chang his name Alice Cooper.

It makes this band popular. It achieve hight view and popularity for his unique style and Alice Cooper innocence. Furnier did this plan to approach controversial, it increases the band popularity. It helps to stand up for this band.  Furnier wants to stand his band in dark. All of the band members can realize that it makes us unique to others. People like to see something new, so it is the best option to increase band popularity.

In 1975 he changes his name, Alice Cooper. But the problem is this mane, some people had the same name . so they have an idea, He change his makeup and cloth style, His style turn into a Female villain style. These steps make this band super unique. Turn into female dark villain people like it very much.

alice cooper net worth

Alice Cooper most sale album

In his career, he achieves a lot of achievements. He gives us many blockbuster songs .he is also a songwriter and singer metal singer. He gain by his album more than 1 million sales from a single album. List of the album that sale more than 1 million USD

  • Love It to Death (1971)
  • Killer (1971)
  • School’s(1972)
  •  Billion Dollar (1973)
  • Alice Cooper’s Greatest Hits (1974)
  •  Welcome to My Nightmare(1975)
  • Trash (1989)

List of $100000 plus sale

  • Goes to Hell (1976)
  • Trash (1989)
  • Trashes The World(1990)
  •  Hey Stoopid(1991)
  • The Definitive Alice Cooper(2001)

Alice cooper Record deal

Once Alce cooper takes a break in his regular career. But then he come many members can leave this group that is a very bad situation for Alice. But try to make it right. But all members leave from Alice. That is a very bad part of his career

In that situation, Alice and  Shep Gordo do a deal. That is a game-changing time. Shep Gordo and Zappa Start New record and looking foro new. This duration of this deal is 3 years. They give us lots of hit songs.

Alice Cooper personal life

Alice cooper’s personal life is one of the most significant subjects in the music industry. This married American singer is life in Phoenix, Arizona for hillside mansion. He is good at play golf. These 72 years old man not only a singer. He is an actor, jockey, songwriter. He wins thousand to million people heart by his wonderful song and acting skill. He also does Music composer and film score and composer. Alice Cooper height is  5 ft 9 in that is equal 1,77m. He gains a lot of money for his work. Now Alice Cooper Net worth is $50 million.

Alice cooper top 10 song

Alice Cooper give us thousand of hit song. It is hard to find the top song. Here is some list to find Alice Cooper hit song you can find easily the best song in his career.

  • Take it like a woman
  • Poison
  • Bed of Nails
  • No more Mr nice guy
  • Spark in the dark
  • Dangerous Tonight
  • Hey stooped
  • House of fire
  • Loves a loaded Gun
  • Wind up toy

Struggling with Alice Cooper . They did a deal for 3 years. Pretties for You is first album Alice coopers.

 How many albums has Alice Cooper sold?

Only Alice Cooper is only one singer who sold his album record time. He sold more than 50 million records in his hole life.

Who is Alice Cooper married to?

Alice Copper married with Sheryl Goddard. She is also an actress.

Alice cooper wife

Sheryl Goddard is the wife of Alice Cooper. Sheryl Goddard age is 64 years old. They have 3 children. Dashiell Cooper is the only son of Alice Cooper. Calic is 38 years old, Sonora is  27 years old, and son Dashiell is  34 years old. Goddard —  Alice and Alice cooper wife love each other. They stay together for more than 40 years. On  1976 they did marry

Where does Alice Cooper live now?

Alice Cooper live in Phoenix, Arizona. When he was young, he comes to Phoenix, Arizona and still he lives here


Alice Cooper is a living legend. He give us thousand of hit songs. He is one of the leaders of metal songs. Now he spend a happy life . Alice Cooper net worth is 50 million. This is the gain in his hard work. That money more than any other singer.

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